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Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is an important part of caring for your overall eye health, even if you may not need corrective lenses. By looking into your eyes, your doctor can check for signs of serious health conditions such as hypertension, or diabetes.

Need Glasses?


Have you noticed blurry vision while reading or driving? Have you experienced any headaches while going about your day? These symptoms could indicate a need for corrective lenses. Contact us today, to schedule an appointment!

Interested in contact lenses?


Interested in getting contact lenses? Dr. Heinemann will work with you to find the right fit for both you, and your budget! Give us a call today, to schedule your appointment.

Doctor of Optometry
Dr. Phil Heinemann


Dr. Phil Heinemann is a 1983 graduate of the Southern College of Optometry, located in Memphis, TN.


After practicing in Hot Springs for 3 years, he entered the US Navy where he headed Optometry departments in Navy hospitals and medical facilities, throughout the world.


After retiring from the Navy in 2008, Dr. Heinemann returned to Hot Springs, where he is in private practice.

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